My Life as a Dental Technician

Hi, my name is Sharon and I am a dental technician. In this blog I will talk about all things dentistry and how much I love my job.


So what is a dental technician?

Basically my job entails creating all those things that go in your mouth. Basically every time you bridges, implants, crowns, dentures or any other tool then that was made by me or one of my many colleagues.

We use the measurements and casts that your dentist gives us and put together the perfect recipticle for your mouth.

We also make devices and prosthetists for Maxillofacial jobs. That is when you need intense dental surgery after a car crash or something similar. We help out with all of that!

For more information on what a dental technician does, watch the video below.


I will be putting together more information and updating other technicians on my career and general industry news on this website.